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Mobile Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Mobile SEO

As more and more people use their mobile phones and tablets to perform searches it is getting extremely important that you cater for this. 95% of searches from a mobile devices are for local services like restaurants (source Google inc). Therefore tailoring your website to rank highly for local searches can be very important.

The two jobs you need to work on for mobile SEO are:

1. Make sure your website fits on a mobile devices screen. The screen resolution of a mobile phone and Tablets are different to that of a computer screen, a quick conversation with your website designer will identify what if anything needs to be done. We can recommend good quality local website developers who have been checked by us to ensure they know what they are talking about. At the start of 2015 Google have said that websites that are responsive to mobile devices will rank better, so it is even more important that your website is responsive.

2. Make your web pages Search Engine friendly for local searches. Tune your keywords to take advantage of the local searches; if your business is a Toy Shop based in Reading there is a good chance people are searching ‘Reading Toy shops’.


We can not stress enough how important the mobile industry is for local searches, if you feel your business could benefit from more customers to your site please get in contact with us.