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Birmingham SEO

Search engine optimisation is key for businesses that wish to increase the number of quality visitors to their website. When we talk about quality visitors we are talking about visitors who are looking for your product or service and not just flattering your visitor figures. Juicy SEO are one of the leading SEO companies in the South of England, we understand what is needed to get your website those quality visitors.

A common form of monitoring an SEO campaign is where your website ranks in the search engine results for your keyword phrases. Although we do include ranking results in your monthly SEO report we also like to show the increase in the amount of visitors and how many of them are being converted to a sale.

After all that is normally the most important information for your business, more sales.

Websites that are targeting keywords which include the word ‘Birmingham’ could be missing a trick, we can help your website perform better for the Birmingham area as well as nationally.

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