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Log Delivery SEO Campaign

Log Delivery SEO Campaign

The Brief

Log Delivery have an e-commerce website that sells logs, kindling and charcoal.

Juicy SEO were tasked with increasing the websites exposure in Google’s search results and therefore increase visitors to their website.

They were looking for a quick result as their main season was approaching. Although we, and nobody else can say how long it will take for results to occur we were confident that we would be able to hit the targets.

The Campaign

We have optimised many e-commerce websites over the years but never one that sold logs so we needed to understand the market before changing anything on the website.

We created an extensive keyword report that identified the phrases that not only would bring in visitors to the site but were achievable within the timeframe.

Understanding the competitors for these phrases was very important and in fact provided many clues on areas we could optimise.

Pages Optimised

Days Until Results

Keywords Ranked*

Successful Campaign

  • Increase in organic traffic 68% 68%
  • Increase in conversions 26% 26%
  • Increase in pageviews 82% 82%

The Results Were Amazing

As you can see we have had some great results with this campaign in such a short time period.

If you would like to set Juicy SEO an SEO challenge please get in touch.

* Keywords ranked on the first page of Google

Campaign Results

With such a short timeframe that we needed to achieve good results we were up against it, however, we are very pleased to have hit those targets and to have a happy client.

The Future

Our SEO campaign with Log Delivery has concluded now, we reached our targets within the timeframe and got a happy client too.

Our work on their site has been so effective it is still helping their website perform well and in fact even better as the months go by.

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