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Social Media Management

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Social media networks are now well and truly established, a huge percentage of internet users have one or more social media account. Whether it is a personal Facebook account to keep in contact with friends or business accounts on Twitter or LinkedIn.

For a business that represents itself on the internet it has also become extremely important to use social media networks. Not only is it a great tool to get your product in front of many people who are interested in it very quickly, it also shows your business cares about its customers and doesn’t just hide behind a website.

Social media networks are now well and truly established

Having social media accounts are all well and good but if you don’t use or monitor them then they could do your business more harm than good. Instead of providing great support it could be seen as not providing support at all!
Managing one or many social media accounts take time and effort, we have explained the benefits of social media accounts above however if you don’t have the time to manage them it can be hard to reap the rewards.

Juicy SEO manages many social media accounts for businesses who either prefer to have their account managed by a professional social media management company or to free up their time so they can concentrate on running their business.

Benefits from having Social Media account:


  • – With a history of posts on social media networks it shows the business has also got history.
  • – By communicating with customers on social media shows that your business cares and provides great support.
  • – Social media is a fantastic tool to help with your companies PR.
  • – Shows you are a modern business that embraces modern technology.
  • – A very cheap tool as part of your marketing campaign.


Benefits of using Juicy SEO’s social media management program:


  • – With years of experience in social media management we know what works and more importantly what doesn’t.
  • – You can concentrate on your business and spend time you don’t have managing your social media accounts.
  • – If you are unsure how to manage social media you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.
  • – We have the tools to monitor and react to any message that comes via a social media network.
  • – Nobody knows your business better than you, all replies to messages from social media accounts are advised by you.
  • – We will help grow your social media following and engagement to help increase interest in your product.

Not every social media network is right for every business but it is important to be active on the right one for your business. Juicy SEO can advice which network is right for your business if you are unsure.