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Content Creation

As of August 2011 the world of Search Engine Optimisation changed for good. Google made changes to their algorithm to ensure websites with recent quality content be awarded more value. Having new content on your website got even more valuable!
Regularly adding new content to your website can be quite time consuming, especially when you have a business to run.
This is where our Content Creation service can help.

It is very common for a modern website to host a Blog section to provide further information about the website and its products as well as showcasing News and Events.
Blogs are a fantastic way of communicating information to many people easily. With the use of RSS feeds people can be alerted when a new post has been created, therefore keeping them up to date about your service or products.
Additionally, to the online marketing benefits, there are several advantages to help with your SEO campaign.
Similar to Social Media it is important if you have a Blog on your website that you create regular content. By creating regular blog posts it shows that the website is current and not a website that is out of date.

Juicy SEO Newsletter

Each month we produce our SEO newsletter where we identify all the latest changes in the world of SEO.
We only comment on changes that will actually make a difference to how your website performs in search engines.
Help your website!

By using our content creation service we will research to find out what people are looking for and provide the content for them on your website. You are not just getting content for your website but content optimised by a senior SEO with extensive SEO experience and knowledge.

If you don’t have a Twitter, Google+ and Facebook account Juicy SEO highly recommends you create one as search engines are now using social media accounts to help them value websites, if only indirectly. If you are not sure how to do this or you simply do not have the time we can do this for you too.

Don’t hang about start increasing your website’s content and help your website perform better!

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