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Advanced SEO Audit

Advanced SEO Audit


Our most advanced SEO audit ever!
Manually created by a senior SEO this audit will analyse all aspects of your website and identify where it can be improved to perform better in search engines.


Advanced SEO Audits

Without understanding why your website is not performing as well as it should do in search engines, there is very little chance of fixing any of the problems.
Performing an extensive SEO audit will find areas of your website where if improved will help your website rank better in search engine results, and therefore should generate more organic traffic that are actually looking for your product.


Fact List

You will receive detailed explanations on what is harming your website and how to fix them

The audit tests all aspects of your website, from server level to user interfaces

You will receive a PDF file with all the details of the audit as well as additional supporting spreadsheets

You WILL understand why your website is not performing as well as you would like in search engines


Who Should Run This Audit?

This report will be invaluable to anyone who is responsible for marketing a website. From small businesses to large e-commerce shopping platforms, the aim is the same, more quality visitors.

Why Is My Website Not Ranking Well?

Knowing what is hurting your website and what is helping it is possibly one of the first and most important jobs to perform in your SEO campaign.

We will identify why your website is not performing well and recommend areas for improvement.


How Will This Audit Help Me?

We have seen vast improvements in our clients ranking results purely from acting on one of our advanced SEO audit reports. Follow our audits advice and help your website perform better than it has ever before.

Ordering an Advanced SEO Audit

To order an advanced manually created SEO audit simply choose one of the options below.

If however you require additional audits whether for the same or multiple websites please get in touch.

Success Stories from our Audits

Not sure if you want to improve your website’s performance?

Then read from some of the many success stories from real human customers who have improved their websites by ordering one of our SEO audits.

“We launched a new website to target new areas of within our industry, although initial tradition was good the website was lacking in some areas.

We asked Juicy SEO to analyse our website using their SEO audit, to be honest I was quite surprised how many areas of our optimising our website we missed!
We have asked Juicy SEO to perform their audit every few months so we can keep on top of any problems.”


“As a website design company we offer SEO services to our clients, although we can perform the tasks to a high standard, creating audits are very time consuming, it just made sense to ask Juicy SEO to perform the audits for us.

We know their audits are top notch and they also offer a white label version of their report, everyone wins. We get a to produce a high quality SEO audit, our clients benefit from what the report shows. A win win! ”


Bristol Website Design

“As a small business owner time is always in short supply. I can’t afford to hire an SEO company full time so perform most of the tasks myself. What I don’t know is what has changed, what works and doesn’t work for SEO, it keeps changing!

By using their audit it tells me what I need to work on over the next few months, I now look forward to the next audit report to see my progress! ”


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is our audit better than automated audits?
There are many free online automated website reporting tools available that scan your website for basic areas for improvement. These are ok if your website is new and you want to check the basics.
An extensive audit from Juicy SEO is performed by a senior SEO who will perform a deep analysis of your website and identify why your website if not performing and importantly provide usable advice and recommendations on how to improve the results.
Our advanced SEO audit includes analysis where no online automated report can include because it is performed by a human who knows how to help website rank high on the first page of search engines.
What is included?
Our audit is broken down it sections to it is easy to read and understand. Everything is written in plain English, so you don’t need to be a techno-geek under it.
Along with each test the SEO will add what they think you should do to fix any failed tests, and how important it is so you can prioritise any work that needs to be performed.
Each section of the audit is colour coded so it is very easy to see how your website is performing in each of the areas.
At the end of the audit there is an area where the SEO offers additional advice or recommendations they found whilst performing the audit which might require further attention.
What can we do with it?
Almost all websites are after the same thing, they would like more visitors finding your website who are looking for your product.
With the Juicy SEO extensive SEO audit you will find out what needs to be changed on your website so it performs better and generate more quality organic traffic.
How often should you perform an audit?
For websites that are targeting competitive keywords whereby just the smallest improvements makes big differences we recommend performing this audit every 2 months.
For professional websites whereby an income is made from we recommend performing this audit every 3 months.
Performing this extensive audit once and acting on the advice will help your website perform better in search engine results. When additional audit are performed you will be able to monitor and track how well your SEO campaign is going.
We recommend performing this audit at least every 6 months to be able to steer your SEO campaign in the right direction.
Who should use this audit?

Anyone who manages a website who would like to see it perform better in search engines and therefore generate more organic visitors.

Can I buy multiple audits for multiple websites?

Yes. If you order more than one audit you can choose to either schedule the audit several times for the same website.

Or you can schedule multiple audits at the same time for several websites.

Why should I order this audit?

Understanding why a website is performing well in search engines results is one the most important parts of SEO. Using our advanced SEO audit you will find out what your website needs to improve its ranking positions.

Why should I run this audit more than once?
There are many reasons why you should run this audit more than once, including:
  • A website is never fully optimised, there is always areas to work on
  • SEO is very fluid and will keep changing, therefore you must change with it
  • Your priorities might have changed and need to target new goals

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