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Audits By Humans

A brand new set of extensive audits analysing all aspects of your website by real humans, who breathe and talk and everything!


Advanced SEO Audits

There are thousands of online audits which look at your website and provide you with very basic information about your website. Today’s SEO is a lot more complicated than it used to be and these automated audits don’t provide you with enough information to help your website perform better.

That is why we have created a set of extensive audits which are performed by real life humans!

Advanced SEO Audit

Without knowing why your website is not performing well in search engine results you can not fix it!

This advanced SEO audit analyses every aspect of your website including how it performs on mobile devices and the user experience.

In-Depth Competitor Analysis

Understanding how your competitors are out performing your website often highlights areas where you can benefit.

This in-depth competitor analysis will show you why your chosen competitors websites are ranking better than yours.

Website Speed Analysis

The speed of your website is very important, not only does it directly affect the SEO of your website but affects the very important user experience, which could stop visitors coming back in the future.

Our Audits

Below are Juicy SEO’s comprehensive audits

Success Stories from our Audits

Not sure if you want to improve your website’s performance?

Then read from some of the many success stories from real human customers who have improved their websites by ordering one of our SEO audits.

“I quite simply can not recommend this audit enough, the amount of detail included was above and beyond what I was expecting. They really need to add a sample audit to their website to show how much they analyse.

I love the humour of their site but there isn’t any in their audit, completely professional and ready to give to your boss.

If you sitting on the fence on ordering an audit, really do it your website will never thank you enough!. ”




Otto S

Online marketing executive

“I have tried a few of the free automatic audits, to be honest they all told me the same things. Add H1 tags, sort out my Title tags etc etc. Even after making my changes and re-running the audit it told me the same things again!”

A friend of mine recommended Juicy SEOs audit and I was blown away by how large it was, it told me about parts of my website I never even knew existed let alone affected how my website got ranked in Google. The priority section of the audit very useful, because it found lots of areas for me to work on they told me which areas are the most important.”

I can’t recommend this audit enough, within two weeks of making the set of changes where my site used to rank at the start of page 2 now ranks around position 4 for my main keywords!”

Rebecca C

Elysian Escapes Ltd

“An extremely good audit performed every time I have used them. Not only do I audit our own websites but also resell on to our clients, saves me an age!

Really nice touch to provide bulk orders so you can compare with previous audits to monitor your progress.

I don’t normally write recommendations but I had to this time as it saves me so much time. ”




James T

Website Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the audits really performed by a real human?

Yes. We have a head, arms and even a heart so often we give you extra tips and advice FREE of charge!

How long does the audit take to complete?
Please allow approx 1 week for the audit to be completed. If we think it will take longer we will inform you on the day of purchase.
Please feel free to contact us anytime if you would like to know the lead times before you purchase on our Contact page.
What do I need to provide?
For us to complete the audit in full we will require access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
It is easy to provide read-only access to the website(s) you wish to be audited, if however you need assistance we can provide detailed instructions.
Do you offer group discounts?

Yes. To monitor and measure your progress we recommend performing an advanced SEO audit every 3 months. Therefore we offer multiple audit packages.

By buying an audit package future audits are scheduled so you don’t need to re-order, and buying several audits is cheaper than individual.

How will the audit be sent to me?

We will email the completed audit in a PDF file.

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