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Google have once again had another go at creating a social networking service to challenge Facebook. With Google+ (Google Plus) and they have done a good job. I think it is a little bit of a mix between Facebook and Linkedin and can be used for both personal and business.
As with Facebook Google+ have their version on the ‘like’ button, the G+ or +1 button. However they are looked at by Google completely different.
To explain how the +1 works. When you see a website page that you like you can press the +1 button on that page. If you have a Google account this page will come up on your wall and can be seen by your connections in your circles (friends, clients etc).

More importantly for a SEO view Google have said that they use the amount of +1 of a page as one of their many signals to decide where the page ranks. So the more people who have pressed your +1 the better your web page will rank. Time to ask your friends to press the button!


If you are a business owner Google have now opened up their Google+ service to allow businesses. We have all this information and how to open your Google+ business account here.