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SEO for the Bristol area: What is Search Engine Optimisation

So you have a great looking website with fantastic content, but you can’t seem to get your website high up in the results of the search engines like Google and Bing. Well I guess you have heard of the terms Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short.

SEO is not a ‘hidden art’ it is quite straight forward. If you are a local business to Bristol or maybe you have your office, shop or restaurant in Bristol please continue reading as there is some extra help for you further down.

SEO is basically spilt up into two sections, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On Page SEO

What this entails is tailoring the pages of your website to help the search engines value the page highly for your keywords. This can be done by changing the text on the page, the tags like Title and Descriptions as well as internal links to other pages on your site. Search engines are trying their best to list websites with good content high up on their search results.

Therefore why not help them out by getting your quality content high on their search results.


Off Page SEO

This is all about getting other websites to link to yours. The search engines consider each link as a vote of confidence in your own site. There is more to this side of SEO than just getting any old links. The search engines value each link depending on the site it is coming from. For example, if you had a link from it is probably worth more than if you had a link from a site which doesn’t have any quality content on it.

Furthermore, the site linking to yours should be connected in subject matter so it would be a continuation of the content the visitor is reading.

You may have also heard of the phrases ‘White hat SEO’ and ‘Black hat SEO’. Basically, these mean good and bad techniques in SEO. Search engines can penalise your website if you go down the Black hat SEO route, for example paying one of the companies £50 for 10000 links (not good!).


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Local SEO – Bristol companies important!

If your business is targeting your local town (Bristol in this case) then there are ways to help your website rank well for keyword terms which include the word ‘Bristol‘. It doesn’t matter if you are a window cleaner, accountant or handyman the chances are you really only want local customers. Therefore by including the word ‘Bristol’ in your keyword phrase can help. Both Google and Bing also offer a local business listing which also provides extra exposure. For more information on this please just ask.


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