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A new feature that is currently being rolled out by Facebook is the option to be alerted by the pages you follow for events they are holding.

For some reason this new feature hasn’t had the fanfare launch of other new functions so you might not know about it.

Still, this could be a nice new marketing tool especially for local businesses.


The idea is to be alerted of events that you have ‘subscribed’ to that are currently near by. Obviously this function is aimed at the mobile use market, but today that is almost all Facebook users.
When you are close by to the event at the time of the event it will alert you to this so you can attend.

To set this up you will need to create an event on your business Facebook page.
Then encourage your followers to ‘subscribe’ to this event. They can do this by navigating to the events page and pressing ‘subscribe’ which has a little RSS logo on it.

Continue your normal build up to the event so it isn’t a shock when it happens.

Because this it optional you will never be bombarded with events you are not interested in, this means you will notify people who are actually interested in the event.

This is ideal if you are a musician playing a gig however it can be used for parties, launches or even conferences to name a few.