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I know the title sounds a bit hard to believe, I was quite shocked. While it can sometimes takes an age for Google to crawl your new page I created a quick page with not a huge amount on it and a single image and the subject wasn’t really related to the site (I’ll explain in a minute).
So a little more meat on the bone for this little tale. I had been working on a tour operator website who specialise in Winter sports and wrote a little article about fake currency and how innocently you could get into big trouble. Also explained how to identify fake notes as explained from a bank. I thought useful info for the traveller to know but not really anything about skiing or snowboarding.
In under an hour I saw (live) visitors on the site who had searched for information on fake notes. So a quick scan on Google and found we were ranking at number 9!

** UPDATE **

We have replicated this now many many times, if you would like further information please get in contact.