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Every month since November 2011 Google produce a list of changes they have been working on for that month. Normally this list consists of at least 50 changes, however for May 2012 it is only 39. Which is a relief as they have been doing a lot of changes lately. We like to comment on the changes that affect SEO, for this month there are several however we have combined some together as they are very similar.


Minor Penguin update
Yes the nasty Penguin update has had an, ahem, update. They say only a small one which was expected as this affected so many webpages they were going to need to fine tune it. I suspect there will be several more updates to the Penguin coming in the next few weeks.

Title Tags
Google will now replace your page title tag description if it is too long, this is fine if you don’t update your page Title tag (if you don’t shame on you!) however if you do it might be a waste of time if it’s too long. We have a tool which you can copy and paste your Title and Description tags to ensure they are within the limit.

Just a reminder that the Title tag of a page is one, if not the most important signal to search engines and affects your websites ranking positions. If you need some help with Title tag just ask!

Well that’s it really, have a look at our blog for previous months updates or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to be kept you to date.