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Google includes Adwords CPC prices in search results

Is Google testing something new here?

We think so, this morning we entered in the following search term into (UK version): tree protector from cats

At the time we were not logged into any Google account so there shouldn’t be any connection to any of our Google accounts, including the Adwords accounts.

Upon entering the phrase we noticed an extra line under the search box that shows the cost per click, the volume of searches and competition for Google Adwords.

We have not seen this before and the fact we were not signed into Adwords surprised us.


Thinking that was enough, a few seconds later this extra line disappeared!

Thankfully I managed to get a screen grab of it as above.

A couple of minutes later it was back. Exciting times I thought to myself. This time, however, an additional button was also displayed. It was (I use past tense for a very good reason) located at the bottom right of the screen, – oh, by the way, I was using a desktop PC not mobile, tablet, smart watch, smart TV, games console, in-car browser… –  initially it’s star was empty but I simply couldn’t resist pressing the button, it had to be done!

At that point, the star went gold. ooh!

What the button did I am not sure as I wasn’t logged into Adwords so it couldn’t add the keyword to a campaign or something.

The button and line (I have named the line in question “Line”, seems like a nice name to call it. It’s not as good as Penguin or Panda but I like it) have been coming and going after searching for other keywords.

In the interest of learning, I signed into my Adwords account and tried these searches again. I pressed the “Add All Keywords” button and you never guess what happened!?

Well, nothing really, nothing in Adwords, nothing at all.

Anyone else seen this?

I would love to hear what you think, let us discuss on the new big blue, FACEBOOK.

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