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Google have announced that this week they have made an update to their algorithm. This is to help produce search results not display the same domain more than once. Over the last few months we have noticed that many of the results display the same website more than once, generally they are listing different WebPages but still not really what we all want.


So they have made a change to stop this.


We are not sure if this is a Panda or Penguin update at the moment, I’m sure they will let us know in time but I think it is more than likely a Panda update.



So how will it affect your site, well I think it is a positive move which will most likely help sites rank better than vice versa, let us know what you think.
**UPDATE 19/09/12 **
So it looks like it was a Panda update which has now been called 3.9.2 and not 4.0. I’m sure it will not be long until 4.0 is here with us.