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Google have performed another update to their algorithm last weekend and looks like it is a Panda update. We have seen some of our clients competitors rankings drop as well as some big sites like the BBC.
Google have said they will most likely not have Panda (and possibly Penguin) updates from now on but include it into the continuous adjustment to their algorithm. This will be harder for SEOs and webmasters to understand why their rankings have changed.
The majority of the SEO experts feel this is a good move and should give the ranking figures more stability, we feel the same.

If your website has been hit by this update we recommend doing the following:

  • Check the links to your site and remove any that look or are spammy.


  • Make sure your website isn’t over optimised.


  • Do you have any spammy links on your site? If so remove.

If you would like help recovering your website or would just like to chat about SEO we look forward to hear from you.