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Lots of things are changing in the way Google display their search results, not long ago the paid PPC adverts that were on the right-hand side of the page moved into the left organic lists.

As a result, where your website is positioned in the organic listings has also changed. Google have confirmed (yes, confirmed!) that for most searches it is better to be placed in position 10 than 8 or 9.

The reason behind this is that it seems searchers do not like to click onto page 2 of the search results, therefore, when they scroll down Google’s search results they run out and end up with the website ranked at number 10. Google thinks that instead of clicking to the second page the searcher would prefer to click on the last entry.


So how can we benefit from this?

Well if you are having trouble ranking for a keyword in the top 5 then maybe aim for number 10 instead!