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Have you noticed that your website isn’t as high up the ranking on Google as it used to be?


This week we have seen and had it confirmed by Google their latest update called Panda 2.5 has been released. It came live on Wed/Thurs (28th/29th Sept) but Google will (obviously) not say what they have changed. It’s been a couple of months now since Panda 2.4 came out so we would think quite a few things have changed.

If your ranking changed around this time it could be because of this new Panda update. One of the main reasons could be that your website is not updated regularly. Google is focusing more on how much new content is on your website.

Our guess for one other factor that has changed is the quality of links to your site, we think the value of better quality links are getting more and more important.


Could this be the turning point of directory listing links? Getting quality links does take more time but in the end they should provide you with better results.

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Panda update

Panda update