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I know that statement sounds like one of ‘those’ emails you get which you know it’s going to cost you loads of money in the end. BUT this time it is true, well almost. Well it is only true for some people.
The world moves on at a very fast pace which small businesses need to keep on top of if they want to survive.
So to start this post off I will ask you a couple of questions:
1. How many printed publications does you business pay to be included in? It doesn’t matter if it’s Yellow Pages, Thompson Local or your local paper.
2. How many visitors do you get from ALL those printed publications put together? (it’s impossible to know exactly how many you get)
The readership of publications such as Yellow Pages has declined by huge numbers, people now find it easier to look on Google for the company they are after. With the vast increase of people using mobile phones and tablets to search the web this is not only the future, it’s the present! (Christmas pun not planned)
So instead of spending your hard earned money on advertising which people no-longer use, use the money on search engine optimisation instead!
  • You will receive a better ROI
  • You can see how many visitors you get for your money
  • You will receive more visitors for FREE due to related keyword clicks
  • and so so much more!
Reports suggest within the next 2 years as much as 70% of local business searches will be done on a mobile device, don’t miss out get your website mobile optimised!
So don’t waste any more money on ‘old’ style advertising and start 2013 with a new marketing campaign to increase your sales.
(ok it’s not really free, but you would not be spending any more money either!)