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Welcome to the latest SEO and Online Marketing report covering all the important changes for July 2016.

July tends to be a quiet month for updates and this year is no exception, however, here are the most important ones!


2 Minute Online Marketing Report

2 Minute Online Marketing Report


Google Ranking Factor

Google have confirmed that product pricing is NOT a ranking factor for Google Shopping or their main search results. Of course in Google Shopping you can sort by Price.



If you change the name or move the location of your Sitemap.xml file it will not affect your ranking positions. Google and Bing will adjust and continue using the new file in the new location. Just remember to inform them using Search Console!


Penguin Algorithm Update

Our monthly update on the Penguin algorithm update, Google said it’s coming! But then again so is Christmas!



Google have said if you use Pop-ups on page load then there is a possibility that Google will use the content in the Pop-up as the content for the page. This could affect your webpages ranking possibilities considerable so worth checking!


Short Articles

Google have confirmed that short articles do not get penalised because they are short, if the content is of quality then it will be fine no matter how long.


Linking Out

Google have confirmed that there isn’t a penalty for NOT linking out to external websites, that said they did say a while ago that it might help your website if you do link out to an authoritative site for the subject.


Adwords Extension

Google have added a new extension to Adwords called ‘Price Extension’. As the name suggests you can now add prices to your advert additional to the normal advert description.



Twitter has now opened up their “Verified” account to everyone. These are those small blue ticks that confirm that the account is the official one for the business or person. If you use Twitter it is well worth doing, here is more on this: Why Should I Get My Twitter Account Verified?



Google confirmed once again this month that pages that redirect to another using 301 or 302 will not loose any pagerank. This is not new news but good to remind ourselves of this.


Longer Descriptions for Adwords

Google launched longer text fields for Adwords, this will allow you to fill in more information about your product or service.



Facebook have changed their algorithm to ensure more posts from your “Friends” are seen in your timeline than posts from pages you follow. This is a big change for businesses using Facebook, more can be found here: Facebook to increase friends posts


Yahoo! has! a! new! owner!

Verizon bought Yahoo! for $4.8 billion, we will see what that do with their new purchase!