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Welcome to the latest copy of our Monthly SEO Report from Juicy SEO. Once again we have created our 2 minute monthly SEO catch up post which highlights all the important changes that have happened over the last 4 weeks with search engines. So lets get right to it…


General SEO News

 This month we saw a significant change by Google where they have changed the amount of local businesses listed in their local business ‘Pack’. This is the section in the organic search results you would see when searching for a local business, there is a separate section for these websites which try and help them rank better. Previously the search engine would list 7 websites however this has now been reduced to 3.

Local search results 3 pack

Local search results 3 pack

As you can see on our example here there is now just the 3 websites listed with a button at the bottom to see more, this has now made it much harder to rank in the local pack listings.

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 We have mentioned this before in previous Monthly SEO Reports but the subject of Interstitial pages might become a negative ranking factor in the future, I can’t imagine anyone actually likes these pages so it would be nice to see them go. To remind you that these are pages that are displayed before or after the page you are trying to get to, often with adverts. This is very similar to the Door Way pages we discussed in our Monthly SEO Report for May 2015. If you have these on your website we recommend you remove them very soon!

 You may remember we mentioned before that Twitter tweets are now included into Mobile search results in Google. Well Google have now increased the usage of tweets and they are now included in Desktop search results too. Once again if you are not using Twitter as a business tool you are missing out!


This Months SEO Tip

In case you missed our blog post on How Fast does my Mobile website load and How to identify why my page loads slowly you should head over there as they are a couple of very easy to follow examples which can help your website load quicker. Speed of a website is going to play a bigger part in SEO in the future!




Panda: The Google Panda update concentrates on the quality of the web page content, if the algorithm thinks the page is of low quality it might penalise it in Google’s search results.

Penguin: Google has an algorithm called Penguin which analyses links to web pages and identifies which ones are valuable or spam links. An example of a spam link would be a paid link to your site.

Pigeon: Google’s Pigeon algorithm concentrates on Local SEO, if you have a bricks and mortar business this is something you should take note of.

TDL: A TLD means Top Level Domain like .com or .net or