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Welcome to another edition of Juicy SEO’s Monthly SEO Report, first off if you missed last month’s SEO report then you should quickly read it so you are fully up to date, here is a link to our monthly SEO report for October 2015.

Lots going on so we will go straight to it as our aim as normal is to condense a whole month’s SEO changes into a 120 seconds read, so here goes….


General SEO News

 We all know now how important a mobile friendly website is for Google and their mobile version of their search result algorithm, well now it looks like Bing will be releasing a mobile version of their algorithm too. So expect the same penalty if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website. We are expecting this to be rolled out in the first quarter of 2016.


Did we mention that some big news in Social Media is coming?!


 Google has reminded small business and website owners not to analyse big websites and try and copy how they do their SEO, Google said ‘…you would be surprised how many get it wrong…’ when talking about big companies SEO campaigns. Nothing to learn from there but it’s nice to hear. We at Juicy SEO analyse big and small websites all the time and we can back Google’s comments up, we have seen some shockers!

 Around the 18th/19th of November there looks to have been a Google update of some kind, Google are saying there hasn’t been an algorithm update but there are too many SEOs saying something has happened. We too have seen a lot of movement in the ranking results. We do not think it is an algorithm update but maybe a refresh of some kind.

 This month Google have said AGAIN that the new Penguin algorithm update is very close, they have a date but can’t say when it is yet. To us that means that they have finished the work and are ready to hit the GO button.

 Google are making lots of changes to Google+, this is most likely due to the lack of interest people are having with the social network. They are cleaning the mobile interface to make it easier to navigate among other work.

Juicy SEO 120 second Monthly SEO Report

Juicy SEO 120 second Monthly SEO Report


That’s the lot for this month, however, we are expecting THE BIG PENGUIN news in December!

This Month’s SEO Tip


This month’s tip is something we at Juicy SEO say to all our clients, and, in fact anyone else who will listen and has now been advised by Google as well,

Be Consistent!

 If you are writing blog posts, keep to a schedule.

 Make sure your website is designed consistently throughout the site (buttons, image naming etc).

 Internal links.

 External links for that matter too!

This is also is something you should consider when posting on Social Media, consistency will be big in 2016!
As I mentioned Social Media we have some VERY exciting news which we will be announcing soon about Social Media. You will not want to miss but as it is about Social Media we will be announcing it on Social Media (kind of makes sense doesn’t it). So follow us on Twitter and Facebook so you don’t miss it!



Panda: The Google Panda update concentrates on the quality of the web page content, if the algorithm thinks the page is of low quality it might penalise it in Google’s search results.

Penguin: Google has an algorithm called Penguin which analyses links to web pages and identifies which ones are valuable or spam links. An example of a spam link would be a paid link to your site.

Pigeon: Google’s Pigeon algorithm concentrates on Local SEO, if you have a bricks and mortar business this is something you should take note of.

TDL: A TLD means Top Level Domain like .com or .net or