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Juicy SEO’s monthly SEO report only highlights changes to the search engines which affect how websites are marketed online, every month each of the search engines make many changes to their UX or add new functionality which we do not include. This month Google made a lot of these types of changes so our report might seem like it was a quiet month for them, but it really wasn’t.

If we feel that any of these more cosmetic changes will make a difference to how people find your website we will include in future monthly SEO reports. Just a reminder that these reports are for you to get the important information you need to help your website as quick as possible.

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This is what has happened in the world of SEO and online marketing in June 2015:

General SEO News:

 Once again Google have said a new Panda algorithm update is coming very soon, they have been saying this for several months now but we think it will be in the next 2-3 weeks. A quick reminder the Panda algorithm value webpages on the quality of the content.

 Around the middle of June 2015 we saw some reasonably big changes in the ranking results for many sites, at first we thought the Panda update was finally here however Google have confirmed that this is not the case but just a core index refresh.

 Once again Google have confirmed that they make thousands of algorithm updates per year, this only highlights the continuous development of their search engine and the importance of making sure you are up to date with the changes.

 There has been a lot of talk once again within the SEO industry and on Google hangouts hosted by Google on the value of regular quality content on websites, this subject is here to stay folks so if you want to attract new traffic content creation is now becoming one of the main ways to do it.

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Mobile SEO:

 IOS app indexing has now started its roll out, this is when Google will include Apps from the IOS app store within the search results when using a mobile device. When you click on the link it will take you to the already installed App on your phone or to the App store for you to download the App. This highlights the recent increase in importance for having an App in certain industries.

 Google have made a change to their Google Maps navigation, if you enter in a destination like a business or a shop and your expected arrival time falls outside the opening time of the shop or business it will show a message stating the opening hours and ask if you still wish to start the navigation. Obviously this could stop some people visiting your business as it would be closed when they get there. It is a nice idea and quite handy. However it also highlights the importance of having your correct opening hours in your Google Business account. If you are even opening later just for one week it could be worth making sure your opening hours are updated.

 Google confirmed that more people in the UK are using mobile devices to search than desktop PCs. We have mentioned this was going to happen a lot over the last few months and not at all surprised it is finally here. It also shows if you want to know what it going to happen in the future for online marketing and SEO you should make sure you read our monthly SEO report. 🙂

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This Months SEO Tip:

Each month we like to offer up a little tip which will help your website perform better which you may not know about or just forgotten about it.
A trend which we feel will just continue is people using YouTube to find the answer to their questions. After all YouTube is actually a search engine in its own right so why not? An interesting statistic has been published recently, YouTube “How To” video searches  are up by 70% with over 100 million hours watched in 2015 so far. If you are in an industry where you can create one or more “How To” video(s) then it might be time to get out your cine-camera!


If you missed last month’s report don’t worry, all the information is still relevant and available in May’s SEO monthly update report.