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Google Search Result movements

Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a fair amount of movement across the board in keyword ranking positions, Google have confirmed that a Penguin or Panda update was not run. Still that said we do think Google have refreshed something.



Position 10 is now good!

Recently Google informed the World that position 10 is better than 8 or 9 in their search results!



No more Penguin alerts!

Google have decided to stop guessing when the next release of the Penguin algorithm will run, that have been predicting live dates for the last 6 months and we are still waiting. Just to remind you that the Penguin algorithm helps identify bad/spam links to your website and could penalise your website if bad link are found. A lot of webmasters who have cleaned up their bad links are currently waiting for this update so their websites can recover.



HTML sitemaps, Good or Bad?

Lots of reports over the last month or so about the benefits of a HTML sitemap, Google have confirmed that there isn’t any advantage to have a HTML sitemap in the search rankings, however if there are pages that search engines are having trouble indexing this is another way to help find those pages. It is also a nice page to have for the visitor to find what they are looking for.



Google My Business News

Great news! You can now upload photos via the bulk upload option for Google My Business.



Animal Sounds – The things you can learn!

And finally for this snippet of the latest SEO news, Google have introduced animal sounds to their search engine. Yep, you can now type into Google ‘What sound does a Duck make?’ and it will tell you (spoiler alert! it’s quack quack!)




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