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This week Google have started to roll out their SSL version of their search engine which was first seen in America back in October 2011.

So why does this affect the SEO world in the UK?
Google are very keen to let everyone who wants to know the benefits of SSL (HTTPS) which includes making searches more secure. But to the webmaster or SEO there is a more important side-effect to this change. We will get even less information about the visitors coming onto our websites.

Because Google will be using a secure server (SSL) they will not be able to pass on some of the information we love to know about, like what keyword they used to find the site for example. Google say this only effects less than 10% of searches but we think it is more, and will get more over time.


There are other ways to find most of the information but it is not as easy or exact, time for the SEO to earn their money!

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