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Monthly SEO Report Covering October 2017

Monthly SEO Report Covering October 2017

Welcome to the latest monthly SEO report from Juicy SEO. As regular readers will know we condense a whole months worth of SEO news and important algorithm updates into a 2 minute read. We only report on the things that will make a difference to how your website performs in search engines.

If you have missed previous month’s reports you should have a read as because they are more than a month old it doesn’t mean they are out of date. A lot can be learned from them!

Here is a link to the SEO Report Updates.

Mobile first

A little head of schedule (I think) Google is testing Mobile First out in the wild. Not everyone will see this but they are currently testing ahead of the full launch due early 2018.
If your site has been “chosen” to test mobile first and it falls short of certain areas Google will inform you via Search Console of the things you need to fix.


If spelling isn’t your thing, when it comes to ranking in Google’s search results it will not make  a difference. Google confirmed once again that spelling mistakes will NOT harm your search positions.
That said Bing have said that it does affect their ranking positions so worth getting sorted.
If you haven’t tried Grammarly – the free automatic online spell checker – I highly recommend it!


If you are new to search engine optimisation or just need a little refresh on the phrases used in our report head over to our SEO Glossary page, everything you need to know in one place.



It looks like Google released an algorithm update around the 8th October 2017. Pretty much all monitoring Apps have spotted the update. We are not at the moment (3rd Nov) what it affected.
Additionally, Google have also made a big update to their mobile results algorithm. There is a good chance it is connected to the Mobile First roll-out they are currently testing.
Google confirmed this month that their ranking algorithm is the same for position #1 as it is for position #100. There isn’t different algorithms for different ranking positions.
Around the 26th October we noticed a small algorithm update, we are not too sure what it has affected but as soon as we know we will let you know. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the news.


As far as I can remember Google have never confirmed the following, until now.
Google now uses sentiments from websites and social media as a ranking factor!
So basically if someone has written nice things about your website it will help it rank better. I think this is an area that Google will be using much more of in the future!

Social Media Management

Have you ever thought it’s a shame when you write a Tweet or Facebook post that your great content is wasted as it is never used again?

After all your followers would have to be online at the time to see the post anyway!

Then get more out from your social media posts without doing anymore work!

Broken Link Building

Ahh one of the old classic link building “techniques”. In case you are not sure what this is:

1 Find a site that has a broken link to another site.

2 Make sure this site is in the same industry as your site.

3 Write replacement content.

4 Inform the Webmaster that they have a broken link to a resource which is no longer there and ask them to link to your version instead.
It’s an old idea but it works. So much so Google have said this month that it is a good idea to get links to your site and for you to create good quality content.
So, off you go!

Comments V’s Social Media

Which is better?

Allow people to comment about your article on your website or comment about your content on social media?

Well, if you want the comments to help rank your Web page then having them on your site wins hands down!


We all know how important it is that a page loads as quick as possible. As a rule of thumb you should try and get your page Load under 3 seconds, faster if possible.
This month Google confirmed that they measure how long it takes for the server to respond. This news will put a little pressure on hosting companies to provide a fast server!
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