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A little while ago back in April 2015 Google launched their mobile friendly algorithm which identified websites that were mobile friendly and reward them in the ranking results, remember Mobilegeddon?



Well Google have announced that there will be a further update to this algorithm coming soon.

When the ‘original mobile friendly algorithm‘ was launched it decided if your website was mobile friendly and rank it a little better in mobile search results.
It was a big change and affected many websites over night. There wasn’t any gradual roll out here!

Instead over a week the algorithm helped mobile friendly websites rank better.


So back to this new update Google have informed us about. Well instead of a big impact update the new update will continuously crawl websites page by page and update their database with what they find. If your website is already mobile friendly then you have nothing to worry about.
However if you haven’t got a mobile friendly website then the chances are this update will affect you sooner or later.


When will the Google mobile friendly update happen?


Google have stated that their target is May 2016, however if you have been following our monthly SEO report you will know Google doesn’t always hit their target dates (re: Penguin update).


If you would like to check to see if your website is mobile friendly or not, Google have created a little tool which all you need to do is enter in your website address. Here is a link to it.