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Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

What is seo?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is essentially tweaking your website to highlight your keywords so search engines like Google and Bing value your website well for those keywords. One of the main factors for SEO are backlinks, these are links coming from other websites to yours. For some search engines just having lots of links to your website will help your website rank much better. However search engines like Google and Bing it is a little more complicated. They have very advanced algorithms to calculate the value of each link to your site which in turn will go towards helping them value your website. Every SEO company would love to know what these algorithms are but sadly they are the biggest secret on the internet. One thing for sure is that these algorithms keep changing, the search engines tweak them though-out the year so keeping on top of the latest news is very important. This as you can imagine is very time consuming and for a lot of businesses they simply don’t have the time to do the research or have the finances to hire a full time in house SEO consultant.

This is where we come in, for a lot of websites you don’t need a full time SEO consultant but maybe just a few hours or days a month. Juicy SEO offer SEO consultants adhoc to fit in with your business schedule. By using Juicy SEO consultants you keep the costs down and importantly you know the SEO practices performed by our consultants are up to date with the most recent SEO news.

SEO keywords

What are keywords?

The very first job to do when starting your SEO campaign is to decide on your keywords. Keywords are what you expect your future customers type into search engines to find your website. Choosing the correct keywords is very important and although you will know your business better than anyone else the keywords you think are right might not be.

For example if your business is selling batteries and your battery shop is in Bristol you might think people would type in ‘Bristol batteries’ or ‘batteries from Bristol’. That would make perfect sense, however these searches might rarely happen and you would be tailoring your website for keywords which people don’t use.

Juicy SEO work with our clients to identify keywords that are being used in search engines which are also strong for their website.

To find out more on what Juicy SEO can do to help your website rank higher go to our Contact page.