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Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to another SEO update report from Juicy SEO. January was quite quiet this year so not so much to report on, so, here goes!



This we have seen algorithm updates – which have not been confirmed by Google so we are not sure what was involved – for the following date:
6th January
9th January
16th January
Remember though just because an algorithm update happened at a certain date it might take a little while for it to affect your website. These dates are just to give you a heads up if you saw some changes “around” them.


An area of SEO that often scares webmasters and SEO’s is consolidating pages. This is when more than one page which are very similar are basically targeting the same keywords. By consolidating the pages it could strengthen you content as a whole and rank better. Don’t be afraid of change.
Tip: Write down everything you try and always think of a back out plan. So, in this case maybe make the now defunct page a DRAFT page so not to be in the index but you can use later on if the experiment didn’t work.

Unnatural Links

Or often called “spammy links”. It doesn’t matter if you created the links yourself, someone else creates them with you knowling or a robot without your permission generates links to your website. It is still your job to manage and fix if spammy links are created. Keep an eye on your links!


Before you say anything I am not going to discuss the big B word. However, Google this month have said if Britain leaves the EU their search results relating to Britain and EU will be blank. Interesting, worth a search if it happens.

Search Console

Google have said they are aiming to close down the old version of the Search Console in March 2019. Not all the tools will be carried over though.

Domain Name Change

This month Google have said that they know when a domain has changed ownership and that the website might not perform as well under the new owner as it once did with the old owner. Interesting.
Many people including SEO’s look for domain names that have not been renewed to get the SEO benefits it had and use for something else. This comment might see the end of that.
Tip: Sometimes it is still worth buying these domains just for the links traffic, if the domain has a link from The Times newspaper it might provide a lot of valuable traffic.