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SEO position rankings go up and down

SEO Update Report Covering July 2018

Welcome to another monthly SEO report this time covering all the important updates in July 2018.
Traditionally July and August tend to be quiet in the SEO world and this year is no exception.Still, I have managed to gather some very good tips and SEO news stories for you to read.


Once again we have added a Tip to help with your own SEO work. If you have missed any of the other reports, which will still be relevant, then we definitely recommend you catch up, here is a link to the SEO Report Updates.


Google’s speed update has now gone live, you may have already received an email from Google already about this. This update only affects the very slowest mobile version of your websites so it won’t affect a large amount of readers.
Surely none of you will be affected as I have been talking about this for months now! 🙂

500 errors

If Google receives HTML 500 errors when crawling your pages due to slow response there is a very good chance that Google will not crawl your website as often. Use Search Console to monitor these errors and fix as soon as you can.


If you are new to search engine optimisation or just need a little refresh on the phrases used in our report head over to our SEO Glossary page, everything you need to know in one place.


People Also Searched

Back in February this year Google added a new section to search results called “People also search for”. Basically how it works is once you click on a link and then return back to Google a box is displayed with other search suggestions.
This is really handy if you are doing keyword research.
Well, this month Google added this box to adverts in their search results too. Another handy tool if you are using Adwords (which has just been renamed to Ads incidently).


The start of a large algorithm update occurred at the end of July affecting medical websites. This has affected a lot of websites ranking positions.

Not Secure

This month Google updated Chrome that now shows websites that don’t use SSL (HTTPS) and NOT SECURE.
They have given us plenty of warning this was going to happen and I have reported on it several times too.

Written by Stuart Cole

Stuart Cole has been running Internet businesses since 1996 and has been concentrating on SEO and online marketing since 2007. Stuart is a regular SEO author specialising in recent changes that can affect how websites perform in search engines.