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Google were very kind to us this month as they informed us in advance – albeit 1 day in advance – that they will be releasing a core update on the 3rd June – finished on the 8th.
Why did they tell us this time? Quite simply they couldn’t hide the fact that an update was coming as it will affect so many websites.
If your website was affected there isn’t a set job for you to do, it’s not like if you have bad links to your site and you should get them removed.
The core update is more like a refresh of the algorithm which happens around twice a year.
Just make sure you are within their guidelines and follow my tips. 🙂

Tip: Speaking of tips, make sure your website looks modern, none of the 1990’s styles. Do you use author photos – hint you should! – are they of the author or something else.
Make sure your website looks trust worthy.

Just like buses – British saying – at the very same day on the 3rd June Google also released a completely different algorithm update focusing on domain diversity.
What this means, before this update a single domain like could rank for a single keyword with more than one page therefore maybe taking up several of the first pages positions.
Google have made this change which will stop this so the same domain can not rank lots of times for the same keyword – now only a maximum of two results per domain including sub-domains.
It makes sense and should help more webmasters as well as searchers.

Another Google algorithm update looks to have rolled out on the 19th and 27th June, lots of people reporting big changes. I haven’t seen anything myself.


Expandable Tabs

In recent SEO reports, I mentioned that Google will not include content hidden in expandable tabs that are not displayed on page load in featured snippets. It seems this has moved on a bit now as Google now does.
Still, I would stick to what I said before to keep your most important content visible on page load if possible.


Bing and Disavow

Please don’t forget that there are other search engines out there other than Google. Bing this month reminded everyone to use their disavow file for penalties too for links you think are spammy.



I mentioned recently in the post SEO Update Report Covering May 2019 that there is a new FAQ schema that you could add to your website. This will basically display your FAQ results directly in Google’s search results.
Well as it turns out – no shock here – for a lot of the people that added this schema the traffic to their website reduced. After all, why would searchers click to your website when they already know the answer to their query.

Tip: PLEASE bare this in mind!



Last month in our SEO Update Report Covering May 2019 I spoke about the new Favicons which you can add to your search results listings.
Here is something that might not shock you too much, I think Google have allowed us to add our Favicons to help hide the AD sign. Let me explain.

Google are not making as much money as they used too with their Adwords network, mainly because people are too clever to notice which entries in the search results are adverts and which are real organic results. So, we all just scroll down to the organic results and select the entry. This is easy because the AD sign is easy to spot. Now with the addition of the website Favicon those AD signs will not be as obvious and might just fool you to click on an advert.