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Like us you have probably have thousands of login details to thousands websites, some might be important like bank accounts, some not so important like forums. A large amount of people use the same password on all (or nearly all) of their online login details to make it easy to remember them. This will of course will make your life easier however if one of your online accounts is hacked (Sony Playstation gaming site and Linkedin have recently been hacked and passwords stolen) it will make it easier for the thief to use your password on other accounts too.
Never fear! We have the answer.

Think of a new password (for this example we will use: juicyseo) and add some letters to the end of it that relates to the website name. So you could use:

juicyseoli (password+the first 2 chars of the website – Linkedin)

juicyseo7na (password+your lucky number+first 2 chars of the website – Natwest)

7juicyseofac (lucky number+password+first 3 chars of the website – Facebook)


I’m sure you get the right idea, just decide on a structure you prefer and there you go, easy to remember passwords which are different for each website.


(We advice including a number and upper/lower case chars as many sites require this)


If you have other ideas then please share in the comments area.