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If you create movies for others to watch (ahem) then you most likely upload them to one of the video hosting platforms like YouTube. I’m guessing you would like lots of people to view the movie or if possible for it to go viral. Did you know that YouTube as well as search engines like Google have an algorithm to decide which videos are at the top of the list. Now that Google owns YouTube their algorithm has got a lot more complicated, and will most likely get even more complicated in the future.


Over the last week or so we understand that a new signal for YouTube has been introduced. This time it is…..Time!
If people watch the video until the end it must be good therefore YouTube will give it a positive thumbs up! If however people stop watching after 2 seconds then it clearly isn’t any good or not related to the search keywords, so a thumbs down will be given.
Something to consider when filming, maybe keep the viewer on tenterhooks or promise a surprise at the end!